Types of Pallet Racks

Pallet racking installation is used to utilize the storage to the maximum. Before deciding to invest in pallet rack systems for storage, it is important to know the different types of rack systems available. This is beneficial in determining the most suitable and efficient rack system for use in the warehouse. The different types of rack systems used in many warehouses include the following.


Selective racks are the most commonly used in many warehouses as suggested by manufacturing experts. They are accessible from the aisle of the structure. The pallets are supported by the beam. It is mostly associated with deep reach and standard system and narrow aisle. These types of rack systems are suitable for large storages.

There are the drive in racks and the drive through racks. They are suitable for storage of high density. They are constructed using steel and have spaces which allow forklift to move into the bay of the structure. The drive in rack systems have a one way exit and a one way entry system. As for the drive through, they have entry on both sides and hence can enable access from both sides. This difference in the entry and exit system affect the way the storage of items in the racks, with the drive in using the last in first out strategy, commonly referred to as LIFO. For this matter the drive in are suitable for storage of nonperishable goods. The drive through implement the first in first out system, commonly referred to as FIFO.

The push back racks are appropriate for the storage of bulky goods or products that can occupy several pallets deep. When items are loaded onto the rack system, the next pallet on the rails are pushed back. When pallets are loaded into the structure, they are pushed forward. They resemble the drive-in in that they use the LIFO system for loading. They are ideal for large storage.

Flow racks, also referred to as gravity racks, are suitable for storage of high density. The loads are loaded at the higher end and their removal is done at the lower end. They use the FIFO system for loading. As loading of the products is done, rotation is automatic, caused by the flow of the racks. Under occasions where the pallet rack systems are not suitable for the storage to be done, thenĀ shelving melbourne can be considered. Large steel shelves can be used for storage of large bulky products.

The process of selecting the suitable rack for use is also guided by a number of factors apart from knowing the different types of rack systems used. It is recommended that the cost of the materials, available space for storage and height available should be among some of the factors to be considered. The measurements of the pallet rack system should tally with the existing measurements in the warehouse, otherwise one might end up purchasing rack system that may cause a lot of inconvenience. After installation, it is important that pallet racking inspections and maintenance be done to increase their efficiency as well as maintaining the safety of the workplace.