Unique Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

Girls have the biggest dream that they will be proposed by someone someday. But in today’s time, the guys are lacking that romance and creativity to ask for such an important question. Every girl wants that the guy who loves her must do something special to please her and her wonderful dream comes true.

Proposing for marriage happens once in life, so the guy must make it romantic and perfect which should be lovingly recall by both of you, even when you get old. So, to make such a wonderful proposal you have to organize some wonderful plans. You can also take help of a marriage proposal planner.

Ways which can be helpful for you to impress your girl

Propose your love while enjoying a candle light dinner: Candle light dinner may be a classic way, but it proves to be a great way to propose your dream girl. Candles are the essential elements for making a romantic evening. Cook for her with your hand her favorite dishes and serve it to the table. Then place the candle on the table and everywhere in the room and make the room dim with the candle light and set some romantic tunes for romantic proposal. You can also make marriage proposal dinner speech by a professional. This speech will be creative, unique and compelling enough to woo her.

Propose your love in plane: This is one of the best romantic ways to propose your love. Ask her to go with you for a holiday and when you board the plane and plane has take off, then tell her you want to go washroom. Then go to the flight attendant and take their permission to use their loudspeaker and then propose your love at the high. Click this link http://www.a1000timesyes.com/romantic-allure-hong-kong-proposing/ for further information regarding beach marriage proposal.

Propose your love in the evening with a cup of tea: First of all choose a romantic evening for proposing your love. Then take a white tea cup and write at the inside of the bottom of the cup -“will you marry me?’’. Then bring tea in that cup and serve it to your girlfriend. First off all she will be impressed as you had made tea for her. Once she will finish her tea, then she will be able to see the sentence which you have written for her at the bottom of the cup. Now, take out the ring from your pocket and come down on your knees and ask her to marry you.

There are many other ways to propose her and make her say ‘yes’ to marry you. You can take her to a famous restaurant to propose her or you may also propose her on the New Year eve.