Moving From The City To The Suburbs

Have you finally settled down with a husband and a family and is looking to move from the city to the suburbs? This form of decision has a lot of repercussions and consequences as a family and as an individual. While the kids have more room to play and explore, as a working individual, you will need to travel a long distance to get to your work place. Here are a few things we have compiled in terms of architecture and designing of a space, which might help you catch your bearings and help you transfer from the city to the sprawling home in the suburbs.

All Furniture

The first thing you will notice is that your tiny apartment furniture is not sufficient to fill your house. However, other than the basics that you need, do not be in a hurry to fill it all up as soon as you move. First, settle down in to the house and see what you lack in a week or so. Thereafter, as a family, go pick out certain items of furniture that won’t break your budget. In terms of interior decoration Dubai, do not be in a hurry to fill up your house.

Take the first family trip and you will realize how much you have brought back home. Unlike in your apartment interior design, where everything had to have a specific crammed up space, now you have more space to work with, so let your imagination flow and you do not need to be in such a hurry to throw the clutter away.

Interior Design For Small Apartment

Retain the Good Habits

There are certain aspects of apartment living which though essential there in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment and relations with neighbors, once you move to the suburbs, there is a little more room to slack. For example, removing the garbage had to be done as soon as possible in an apartment to remove the smell and remove the risk of rodents and other pests. However, in the suburb, this risk is reduced and many tend to just let the garbage sit for a day or two out on the driveway or in the backyard. True, you are freer in your new home, however, retain the same level of respect for your neighbors that you had while in the city. Read this article to find out more about the best fit out companies in Dubai.

No more Midnight Shopping

Once you move away from the city, say goodbye to the 2 am cheesecake breaks in the café down the street. Instead, get used to stacking your refrigerator for these midnight treats, however, remember to watch the weight. Also, do your weekly shopping at once to reduce frequent drives to the store.